Music by Vince Ray

Vince Ray`s Halloween single is available now for Download on the following platforms...



Vince Ray's LOSER MACHINE are now available for live bookings. The band includes Chris Russel on drums and Vince Ray on guitar and vocals and we reckon that's all you need to have a wild night straight from the dimension of ROCK N ROLL VOODOO! The live show also includes a matching poster for your event and also some of the spookiest mind warping magic tricks you'll ever see. The merch stall is also a good opportunity to make purchases of Vince's art and music and have things signed.

Vince's love for the music of Link Wray is also represented in a tribute act called LINK BAT & THE BATRAYS. The instrumentals of the great Rumble king are played as closely as possible to the originals through period correct equipment. Both bands can be booked together or singularly. The band comprises of Vince Ray, Chis Russel and Aubrey Cleverly. They wear masks to hide their shame.

Bookings can be provided through this website and our shop will be expanding to include more releases from the band. We have a 7" single released on Rockin' Records available now through our shop.

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